Can electrical stimulation be helpful for recovery from facial paralysis or paresis?


There is currently no consistent scientific evidence to support the use of any form of electrical stimulation for the recovery of function after facial paralysis or Bell’s Palsy. Indeed, it is thought that electrical stimulation may actually interfere with the nerve recovery process and promote synkinesis.


Can facial neuromuscular retraining be helpful even after many years of facial paralysis or Bell’s Palsy?


No matter how long one has had facial paralysis, if there is some return of facial movement, one can improve facial awareness, muscle flexibility, movement and regain more facial expression. Recovery of facial function is dependent on the amount of nerve damage and subsequent sequelae that may follow facial nerve regeneration.


How much time and effort is dedicated to see results?

Patient compliance is the secret to success of learning any new skill. Facial retraining is akin to learning a new skill as opposed to just going to the gym to get stronger. Just like one would put in time, awareness, focus and quality practice into learning piano, guitar, golf, tennis, sewing or calligraphy, so too, facial retraining to regain a symmetrical smile requires the same qualities.


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