Treatment Benefits

Facial retraining is a comprehensive treatment approach that is focused on the clients needs and function. The client is empowered to do the treatment by themselves on a daily basis. Visits to therapy are spread out monthly or even more to progress the regimen and as needed.

Facial neuromuscular retraining can help improve facial appearance cosmetically, improve physical face comfort, emotional comfort as well and improve facial movement control and function.



  • Smile symmetry
  • Eye closure (if not yet able)
  • Facial symmetry at rest and with other facial expressions
  • Reduced intensity of synkinesis


Physical and emotional comfort

  • Reduce facial muscle tightness (sometimes felt as numbness)
  • Decrease eye irritation and dry eye
  • Improve oral hygiene
  • Feel more comfortable being in photos with family and friends
  • Improve social confidence and comfort with eating and drinking


Movement and function

  • Improve facial muscle strength and control
  • Gain movement control for facial expressions
  • Eat and drink with increased ease
  • Enhance ability and confidence to speak and communicate



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